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(Completely life like and accurate picture of myself)

Hi, my name is Jaret Ostop, and I am currently a Digital Media and Design student at the University of Connecticut who is looking to earn his BFA with a concentration in 2-D Animation.


From a young age I was always exposing myself to new and interesting stories in a variety of mediums, from books to cartoons to graphic novels to video games. Even at a young age, I always new I wanted to create characters, worlds and stories of my own, so what started off as coming up with stories for my favorite toys turned into writing short stories by high school. 


When the time came to enter the college, I decided I wanted to grow my knowledge and experience in the field of animation, so I applied to the University of Connecticut in order to learn all I could about the field of animation and shape my skills.


While attending the University of Connecticut, I made sure to use the resources and opportunities available for me to experiment and attempt all manner of creative projects, from animated shorts, to short live-action films, to graphic novels, to even video game projects. And while I still haven't quite settled on my medium of choice, I'm still open and willing to experiment in all manners of storytelling methods, and will continue to grow my skills and shared my work beyond UCONN.

This Website is not the Final Draft

It is currently undergoing edits

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